16 Most Hilarious Perfectly Timed Photos

Say what you want about the erosion of privacy, but people constantly having their phones out and photographing everything — from bowel movements to cats and everything in between — has made my life as a nobody writer for the interweb so much easier.
+1 for endless content.
Anyway, this article is about the times cameras caught that one in a million shot. The swapped heads, the unfortunate placement of phallic-shaped objects. You know what I’m talking about.
Here I am, unable to capture myself in a picture where I don’t have crossed eyes or two chins, and these people are capturing a man being birthed from another man’s pelvis. The world isn’t fair sometimes.

1. I’ve seen this somewhere…

Men in Black. It looks like an alien from Men in Black. Kinda wish the head was coming out the rear, to be honest.
Perfectly Timed Photos1

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